Sealed Cesspools and Storage Tanks

Synergy-Robusta-4600-Litre-Low-Profile-Chemical-Storage-TankSealed Cesspools are used where the discharge of sewage effluent is not permitted.

A Cesspool stores all of the influent. They are by nature of larger capacity (min 18,000 litres for 2 persons) and are consequently more expensive to purchase, install, and operate.

We strongly recommend that a site survey be carried out by ourselves to explore all other alternatives, before opting for the installation of a Cesspool.

Storage tanks

Sealed Cesspool Storage TanksSynergy Wastewater Treatment Products offer a range of storage tanks from 2,800 litres through to 275,000 litre capacity in a single (unitank) design.

These may be used for a wide variety of containment applications such as storage of chemicals, silage effluent, or even potable water. Contact us with your particular application for further details.


For drawings, please visit the downloads page